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History of Philosophy

  • "A Logical-Contextual History of Philosophy", Southwest Philosophy Review 27 (2011), pp. 21-30 [pdf]

Modern Philosophy

  • "Leibniz's Project for characteristica universalis in Relation to the Early Analytic Philosophy", Proceedings of the 8th International Leibniz Congress, Hannover, 2006, pp. 606-614. (improved version) [pdf]
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 G. E. Moore

  • "G. E. Moore and the Greifswald Objectivists on the Given and the Beginning of Analytic Philosophy", Axiomathes 14 (2004), pp. 361-79 [pdf]
  • "Susan Stebbing's Criticism of Wittgenstein's Tractatus", Vienna Circle Institute Yearbook 10 (2003), pp. 351-63 [pdf]


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Carl Stumpf
  • "Carl Stumpf's Debt to Hermann Lotze", in: D. Fisette and R. Martinelli (eds.), Philosophy from an Empirical Standpoint: Essays on Carl Stumpf, Amsterdam: Brill, 2015, pp. 101-122. [pdf]
  • "Zurück zu Carl Stumpf?", Erwägen, Wissen, Ethik 26 (2015), pp. 50-52. [pdf]
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Leo Tolstoy

  • "Tolstoi und Wittgenstein: Einfluss und Aehnlichkeiten", Prima philosophia 16 (2003), pp. 187-206 [pdf]
  • "Tolstois Darlegung des Evangelium und seine theologisch-philosophische Ethik", Perpektiven der Philosophie. Neues Jahrbuch 30 (2004), pp. 311-33 [pdf]


  • "Wittgenstein and Ilyenkov: Two Projects for Philosophical Logic", Philosophical Alternatives 14:1 (2006), pp. 5-13 (in Bulgarian) [pdf]

Leonard Nelson

  • Zeko Torbov, Erinnerungen an Leonard Nelson (1925-1927), herausgegeben, neu übersetzt und mit einer Einleitung von Nikolay Milkov, Olms Verlag, 2005 [pdf]
  • "Karl Popper's Debt to Leonard Nelson", Grazer philosophische Studien 86 (2012), pp. 137-56 [pdf]

Philosophy of Language

  • "Philosophy of Language without Meaning and without ... Language [A Critque of Davidson's Philosophy of Language]", Current Advances in Semantic Theory 73 (1992), pp. 197-203 [pdf]. Translation into Malai [pdf]
  • "Logico-linguistic Moleculism: Towards an Ontology of Collocations and Othe Patterns"", in: K. Simov and A. Kiryakov (eds.), Ontologies and Lexical Knowledge Bases, Sofia: OntoText Lab, 2001, pp. 82-94 [pdf]
  • "Mark Wilson, Wandering Significance: An Essay on Conceptual Behaviour", Pragmatics & Cognition 18:1 (2010), pp. 188-195 [pdf]

Philosophy of Mind

  • Kaleidoscopic Mind: An Essay in Post-Wittgensteinian Philosophy, Amsterdam: Rodopi, 1992. [pdf]


  • "Thinking about Knowing, by Jay F. Rosenberg", Pragmatics & Cognition 14 (2004), pp. 395-401 [pdf]
  • "Inference and the Metaphysics of Reason: An Onto-Epistemological Critique, by P. Stambovsky", Essays in Philosophy 14 (2013), pp. 134-7 [pdf
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  • "Tractarian Scaffoldings", Prima philosophia 13 (2001), pp. 399-414 [pdf]
  • "The Formal Theory of Everything: Explorations of Husserl's Theory of Maniforlds [Mannifaktigkeitslehre]", Analecta Husserliana 88 (2005), pp. 119-35 [pdf]

Philosophy of Science

  • "The Logical Form of Biological Objects", Analecta Husserliana 77 (2002), pp. 13-28 [pdf]
  • "Mesocosmological Descriptions: An Essay in the Extensional Ontology of History", Essays in Philosophy 7:2 (2006), pp. 1-19 [pdf]
  • "Russell's Second Philosophy of Time (1899-1913), Contributions of the Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society 13 (2005), pp. 188-190 [pdf]

Formal Ontology

  • "Stereology", Proceedings of the 6th World Multiconference on Sysemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (2002), vol. xviii, pp. 518-23. [pdf]
  • "Synoptic Logic & Formal Ontology", Proceedings of the 7th World Multiconference on Sysemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (2003), vol. xvi, pp. 235-40 [pdf]

What is Analytic Philosophy?

  • "What is Analytic Philosophy?", paper delivered at the 21th World Congress of Philosophy, Istanbul, August 11, 2003 [pdf]
  • "Russell, Wittgenstein and the Project for 'Analytic Philosophy' ", Contributions of the Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society 15 (2007), pp. 153-5 [pdf]. Translation into Russian by A. Sobancev in Analytica 2 (2008), pp. 17-26 [pdf]
  • "The Construction of the Logical World: Frege and Wittgenstein on Fixing Boundaries of Human Thought", In: E. Nemeth et al. (eds.), Crossing Borders: Thinking (Across) Boundaries, Vienna University, 2012, pp. 151-61 [pdf]
  • "The Joint Philosophical Project of Russell and Wittgenstein and Its Demise", Nordic Wittgenstein Review 2 (2013), pp. 81-105 [pdf]
Hans Reichenbach
  • "Reichenbach's Concept of Logical Analysis of Science and His Lost Battle Against Kant", Contributions of the Ludwig Wittgenstein Society 16 (2008), pp. 224-6[pdf]
  • Hans Reichenbachs wissenschaftliche Philosophie", in: Hans Reichenbach, Ziele und Wege der heutigen Naturphilosophie, Hamburg: Meiner, 2011, S. VII-XLIV [pdf]
The Berlin Group
  • "Die Berliner Gruppe und der Wiener Kreis: Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschiede," in: Martina Fürst et al. (eds.), Analysen, Argumente, Ansätze, Frankfurt: Ontos Verlag, 2008, pp. 55-63 [pdf]
  • "The Berlin Group and the Vienna Circle: Affinities and Divergences", In: N. Milkov and V. Peckhaus (eds.), The Berlin Group and the Philosophy of Logical Empiricism, Dordrecht: Springer, 2013, pp. 3-32 [pdf]
  • "Carl Hempel: Whose Philosopher?", In: N. Milkov and V. Peckhaus (eds.), The Berlin Group and the Philosophy of Logical Empiricism, Dordrecht: Springer, 2013, pp. 293-309 [pdf]
  • "Die Berliner Gruppe des Logischen Empirismus", in: N. Milkov (Hg.), Die Berliner Gruppe. Texte zum Logischen Empirismus, Hamburg: Felix Meiner Verlag, 2015, pp. ix-lii [pdf]

Walter Dubislav

  • "On Walter Dubislav", History and Philosophy of Logic 36:2 (2015), pp. 147-61 [pdf]
  • "Walter Dubislav's Philosophy of Science and Mathematics", HOPOS: The Journal of the International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science 6:1 (2016), pp. 96-116 [pdf]

 Social Philosophy

  • "Towards a Reistic Social-Historical Philosophy", in: V. Petrov (ed.), Ontological Landscapes: Recent Thought on Conceptual Interfaces between Science and Philosophy, Frankfurt: Ontos Verlag, 2011, 245-62. [pdf]
  • "The Cement of Social Alchemy: Philosophical Analysis of Mind Group and Personal Identity", in: O. J. Schulz and B. E. Koch (eds.), New Developments in Anthropology Research, New York: Nova Science Publishers, 2012, pp. 53-70. [pdf]
Political Philosophy
  • "Political Philosophy in Bulgaria--A Fresh Start?", Studies in East European Thought 53 (2001), pp. 145-56 [pdf]
  • "A Case for Socialism: On the Use of Theoretical Philosophy in Political Theory", Labyrinth 3 (2001), pp. 1-15 [pdf]
  • "G. Gornev, Adaptation and Creativity in Psychoanalysis Today. Erik Erikson's Theory of [Personal] Identity" (Review), Voprosy Filosofii 1984:1, pp. 134-7. (in Russian) [pdf]
Philosophy of Sex and Love
  • "Sexual Experience", in: Adrienne McEnvoy (ed.), Sex, Love, and Friendship, vol. 2, Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2011, pp. 155-66 [pdf]

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